Anne Rule-Thompson 

When I was four years old, I tried to turn my mother’s record player into a potter’s wheel. That was my first experience with clay. Since then I've been captivated by what can be created with clay. Add to that the amazing and unexpected changes that occur to the surface color and texture in the firing process and I’ve found a medium that is unmatched for creative potential. While my formal degree is in painting and illustration, I found my way to sculpture and clay through my need to alway break the surface in my two demensional work.

My work is inspired by people and nature. Working with clay makes me feel that connection. In my work, I hope to explore the relationship between humans and nature. I want to create ideas and emotions that intentionally provoke the viewer to draw their own inferences and connections. I want to celebrate the human form without glamorizing it. I want to make things that make people reflect on their surroundings, from where we came and where we are headed.